909, 2016

Cooling Methodologies—The Tail Wagging the Dog

Discovering how to maximize cooling at the lowest cost and highest efficiency. Complex military and industrial applications require complex computing solutions. The end user, or committee of end users, writes a requirements list, pretty much

2806, 2016

Big Apple Transit Apps: Q&A with Chassis Plans

Everything from brake dust to Homeland Security to packing more storage into smaller form factors comes into play for a rugged industrial systems supplier that is successfully leveraging its military background across a wide

2403, 2016

Five Reasons Thin/Zero Is In

New thin/zero client workstations and data center servers running virtual instances of application software are replacing traditional desktop PCs in installations where security must rule, but that’s not the only reason thin is in.

2502, 2016

Rugged Zero Client

Engineers at Chassis Plans released their new patent-pending rugged CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client as part of a partnership with Dell OEM Solutions.The devices leverages a Dell PCoIP ASIC controller in a rugged enclosure