M4U20 Rugged Military Rackmount ComputerSAN DIEGO, CA, August 1, 2015 — As part of its continuing drive to provide outstanding service and support to its customers, Chassis Plans is offering a 5 year warranty on its standard range of 1U to 5U Servers starting Aug 1, 2015. This will include all parts and labor and the cost of returning the refurbished and repaired server to the customer.

Mike McCormack, President of Chassis Plans stated “We are confident in the quality of the products we design and build in our factory in San Diego and want to provide additional peace of mind to our customers that will assure them that they will always receive the most comprehensive service and support that our company can provide.”

For further information call + 1 800.787.4913 or email sales@chassisplans.com.

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