Rackmount 3U Commercial Computer and Server Systems


3U Commercial Computers and Servers Backed by Our 5-Year Warranty

  • 3U x 20.7-inch or 25.6-inch Chassis
  • Extended-life ATX Motherboard Options with Long Life Processors
  • Core-i5/i7 Options
  • XEON E3/E5 Options
  • (7) Plug-in Card Slots
  • Drive Options Include (6) 5-1/4″ Drives or (2) 5-1/4″ Drives (External) and up to Seven 3-1/2″ Internal Fixed Drive Bays
  • Single or Redundant Power Supply
  • Custom Features
    If these specifications don’t meet your requirements please contact our Sales Engineers at + 1 800.787.4913 or sales@chassisplans.com. Chassis Plans excels at custom system design and can provide a solution that exactly meets your application requirements.
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3U Commercial Grade Rackmount Computer

3U Commercial Grade Rackmount Computer Top

3U Commercial Grade Rackmount Computer Top

P/N Depth Drives Datasheet
C313XX 20.7inches 2x 5.25-inch, 1x 3.5-inch FDD, 7x internal 3.5-inch HDve
Download PDF
C346XX 25.6inches 6x 5.25-inch, 1x 3.5-inch, 2x optional internal 3.5-inch HD
Download PDF
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