Gorgon Stare & ARGUS-IS Persistent Surveillance SystemsCOTS Journal has published an article written by Chassis Plans on the Gorgon Stare and ARGUS-IS imaging systems mounted on the General Atomics’ Reaper UAV aircraft.  Featured is a Chassis Plans’ custom integrated transit case data transportation system.  See UAV Data Imaging Solutions Push Limits of Embedded Technologies, David Lippincott, COTS Journal, April 2016.  

The Predator, the first large UAV from GA, has a single camera ball on the nose providing a limited field of view.  It has been likened to looking at the battle space through a straw.  Gorgon Stare provided a much wider coverage area with tracking of up to 10 targets.  ARGUS-IS provided a 50 sq KM coverage area with up to 65 tracked targets.  This much improved battle space awareness provides huge benefits in the global war on terror.