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Chassis Plans' design philosophy is to provide exceptionally engineered, cost effective custom industrial and military grade computers at a competitive price.  Chassis Plans provides turnkey solutions of custom industrial rackmount systems, allowing clients to have high quality computing systems with minimal investment in time or money. We have been providing custom solutions to a wide variety of military and industrial customers since 1985 and have an extensive database of base line designs to draw upon to create your system that exactly fits your application and environmental requirements.

Our engineering staff is the best in the business. We can provide conceptual studies and drawings in as little as one day and complex from-scratch hardware in as little as four weeks. Chassis Plans - Systems Engineered to Perform® .

Follows are a few case studies of our more interesting projects. These case studies demonstrate the broad range of capabilities Chassis Plans can bring to solving your application problems.

Persistent Surveillance ServerPersistent surveillance is a relatively new technology blending multiple sensor paths together to give a highly detailed overview of an area or battlefield. Persistent surveillance has been used extensively in Afghanistan to monitor cities and areas around military bases to enable commanders to determine if insurgents have possibly planted IEDs and to keep our war fighters safe. Massive data storage and fast retrieval in addition to processing highly complex video algorithms are at the heart of this technology.. Read More - Persistent Surveillance Server

Fixed Wing Aerial Surveillance
CCX-19 Rugged Rackmount LCDIn addition to UAV (drone) surveillance, there is a wide need for man-in-the-loop on-site fixed-wing surveillance. A manned aircraft
can be flown in controlled airspace that is prohibited to a UAV. Manned aircraft can fly in close proximity to other aircraft such as near airports. Or budgetary limitations preclude the use of long-duration UAVs such as a General Atomics Predator. Potential applications are wide-ranging and include law enforcement, aerial intelligence and observation, aero-medical, wild-fire management, and search and rescue. Read More - Fixed Wing Aerial Surveillance

Designing a Custom 1U for a Telecom Application
NEBS 1U Computer SystemOur telecommunications customer needed a custom 1U form factor rackmount system to accommodate a high-end Virtex-6 processor for a network processing application. The design needed to meet stringent and diverse performance specifications. The layout required an air channel to isolate the processor and a redundant power supply with AC and DC options. The system also needed to be able to go through NEBS testing which meant including the features of low-smoke wiring, a PyroCide vent panel for fire suppression, grounding studs, and a recessed reset switch. Read More - Custom 1U NEBS Computer

FBI Portable Forensics Computer System w/ Built-In UPS & Ethernet Switch
FBI Forensic Computer SystemThe FBI challenged Chassis Plans to create a radically compact, yet extremely powerful server for forensic computing. Included in the specification was:

  * XEON processor in a MATX motherboard
  * 32GB 1333MHz RAM
  * Four 900GB 10,000RPM removable hard drives
  * Internal non-removable system drive
  * Blue Ray DVD drive
  * 10-Port Ethernet switch
  * Built in internal UPS with battery
  * Robust light weight aluminum go-anywhere construction

The system was designed to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G for dust, blowing sand, temp, humidity, shock, and vibration.

5th-Generation Aircraft Maintenance5th Generation Aircraft Maintenance SystemCurrent generation military aircraft, and especially 4th– and 5th-Generation front line fighters such as the F22 are highly dependent on multiple onboard computer systems for flight dynamics and engine control as well as communications, radar and weapons systems. These aircraft are essentially
complex computer systems with wings. Interfacing with the multiple on-board processors and systems and managing data flow requires state-of-the-art rugged ground-based maintenance systems.

Submarine LCD/KeyboardCustom Submarine Monitor KeyboardThe US Navy requested a custom LCD display and keyboard for use in officer’s staterooms aboard submarines. The staterooms provide a built-in desk with a fold-down writing surface and a secure network connection. The Navy wanted a unit that fit in the desk when open, was of minimal weight, had the ergonomics of a laptop, and contained no electronics that could be used to capture data from the secure network. Video input is provided as analog VGA but the keyboard and mouse interface via anIcron extender board.

Long Island Railroad Audio/Visual Paging SystemsLLIR Rackmount ChassisLong Island Railroad wanted to upgrade over 100 computer based Audio/Visual Paging systems. These systems provide rider information in the stations for train arrival times and other information of a critical nature. The upgrade was required in part by the TSA for rider safety in the event of a terrorist attack or other disaster.

Force Protection Display17-inch ultra rugged lcd systemSituational awareness, the ability to see and to know where the enemy is and what they are doing, is critical to war fighter safety and survival. All well and good for static surveillance but providing the same information to mobile units significantly improves their effectiveness and survivability.

The Force Protection Display was designed as a tethered ultra-rugged portable LCD display to be used in Humvees, Bradleys, and similar vehicles to provide situational information either inside the vehicle or to be carried outside as the mission requires.

L3 JRE-DLT Terminal ServerL3 JRE-DLT Rugged 4UJoint-Range Extension is a hardware and software system that receives information transmitted on a tactical data link in a particular area of operations and forwards that information to another tactical data link terminal beyond the line of sight.

JRE-DLT is a Data Link Translator terminal operating in the JRE theater providing multiple protocol translation and forwarding. The JRE-DLT is housed in a 7U transit case for field deployment in combat conditions.

Well LoggingCustom Well Logging SystemWell logging is the practice of making a detailed record of the geologic formations penetrated by a well borehole, typically oil or gas. This is typically accomplished using an instrumented Wireline truck which travels to a well site on an occasional basis. The roads are typically rough unimproved dirt tracks or, in arctic areas, very rough ice roads. Ambient temperatures range from very high (Middle East) to very low (Arctic).

Chassis Plans provided Schlumberger a system that exactly met their application and environmental requirements.