Chassis Plans

Transit Case and Rack System Integration


April, 2015 (New 2015 Military Computer Source-Book is Here, CPC1-C17 / C19: Low Cost Industrial LCD Keyboard, Chassis Plans Expands Rep Channels, Surviving the Notorious Ice Roads of the Far North)

September, 2014 (INC500/5000 List, Why Quality Matters, CPX2-173 Wide Screen Rackmount LCD, Enhancing Displays for Better Visibility, Military/Industrial Source-Book™)

November, 2013 (Come See Us at MILCOM 2013, DVI-D Versus DVI-I Connectors Explained, CCXR-17 Slideways: 1U Rugged Keyboard Video Monitor, Military/Industrial Source-Book™)

October, 2013 (RAID Data Storage, Case Study: Mobile Command Station Server with RAID Redundancy, Rugged Storage Arrays, Chassis Plans Recognized in the Inc. 5000 List for the Third Year in a Row)

September, 2013 (SBC and Backplane or Motherboards?, Case Study: Revision Control and Remote Support for a Medical Application, M4U-20: Rugged 4U Rackmount Computer)

August, 2013 (SBC Case Study: Real-Time Data Processing for a Persistent Surveillance Application, PMI and Why You Want It in Your Next Rugged Computer, TFX Displays)

July, 2013 (Brightness vs. Contrast Ratio: What Matters for Rugged LCDs in Harsh Environments?, Case Study: Supporting Legacy Applications for Established Corporate Facilities, CCX Displays)

June, 2013 (What is GPU Computing)

May, 2013 (Choosing Touch Screen Technology for Rugged Applications)

March, 2013 ("Your Configuration. One Part Number, Destructive Testing for a Submarine Application, M2U-20, a Rugged 2U Rackmount Computer)

February, 2013 (Rapid Prototyping Helps Customers Meet Short Deadlines, Designing a Custom Enclosure for a Biotech Product, CPX Displays, AFCEA/USNI West 2013 Wrap Up)

January, 2013 (Designing Computers for Harsh Environments, Designing a Custom 1U for a Telecom Application, New M1U-20A Rugged 1U Rackmount Computer, Visit Us at WEST 2013)

December, 2012 (Chassis Plans Now Offering Transit Case Integration)

November, 2012 (CCXR-17 Side Access 17-Inch LCD Monitor & Keyboard)

October, 2012 (New Rugged 4U Rackmount Computer - R4U20A04)

September, 2012 (Rugged 24-Inch HD Dual Touch Display - CPX1-241)

August, 2012 (Introducing New Storage Solutions 2K, 4K HD and 3D Workflows - The AssuredSAN™ 4000 Series)

July, 2012 (Introducing a Next Generation Ruggedized 5U GPU Server - M5U-22A)

June, 2012 (Rugged Military Grade Rackmount KVM - CCX-17 / 19)

December, 2010 (Free Rack Rulers, 3View To Go 3x17-Inch LCD System, Rugged Portable Computer Systems, Transit Case and Rack System Integration, R4U-20A Rugged 4U System)

November, 2009
(Chassis Plans is Moving, Free Rack Rulers, CCX Rugged Military Grade LCD Keyboards, SA2U-12EHP Rugged Mil-Grade Rackmount RAID / SAN, Rugged Portable Computer Systems, R4U-20A Rugged 4U System, Long Island Railroad Spotlight)

August, 2008 (Configured Long Life Systems, M4U-19A Rugged Enclosure, Integration Spotlight - LLIR, Reps Added, New Product Spotlight - ATXS-5000P & S6731)

February, 2007 (Erica Sullivan and Tony Bowers Join Chassis Plans, JLT-DLT Integration Story, W5-XGA15 and Long Life Motherboard)

July, 2006 (Nuances of System Integration, F8Chassis, CPL-A1617 Paired LCDs)

May, 2006 (Paint & Logo, SLT Dual Core SHB, W5Chassis Wall Mount!)

September, 2005 (Fast 100 - Chassis Plans #4!)

August, 2005 (CPR-2720120.1" 1U LCD Keyboard, NLT PCI-Express SHB, CPS-219 LCD Keyboard