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Rackmount Industrial Computer Systems


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Chassis Plans Configures Integrated Solutions for the Majority of Rackmount Computers We Ship!

  • Rugged Industrial Rackmount Chassis
    R4U-20A Rugged Industrial
    Rackmount Chassis
  • 1U thru 6U Rackmount Computer Chassis
  • Optimized Cooling
  • Robust Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Feature Rich Designs
  • Multiple Drive Options
  • Multiple Power Supply Options
  • Configured Systems Offered
  • Custom Paint and Logo Available
  • Systems Engineered to Perform

You need a high quality rack mount chassis system engineered to perform. Chassis Plans is your source. We can provide you a wide variety of feature rich industrial rackmount cases, 1U thru 6U. Our experienced Sales Engineers can assist you with selecting the right rackmount chassis, long life industrial motherboard and components to solve your difficult application problem.

Fit-For-Use - Chassis Plans can supply you configured systems with high quality long life industrial motherboards and other installed components to solve your End-Of-Life issues. The highest workmanship standards and Two Year Warranty assure your systems will be trouble free for years to come.

Custom Chassis Features
Need a rugged industrial computer chassis that meets your special requirements, paint or logo? Chassis Plans will design and manufacture custom rackmount enclosures to your exact specification to give you the features you need and the look and brand your product deserves.

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Rugged Military Grade System Chassis
4U Military Grade Rackmount Chassis SystemChassis Plans Rugged Military Grade rackmount chassis set new standards for ultra rugged COTS Plus rackmount computer systems. These rackmount systems are designed for high shock / high vibration environments such as vehicular mount, aircraft mount or transit case installation. Their short depth allows them to fit virtually all transit cases. The rugged construction of these systems will assure their reliable operation in any tough environment; transit case, vehicular or air-borne.

High Survivability COTS System Chassis
4U Industrial Grade Rackmount ChassisHigh Survivability COTS System Enclosures Chassis Plans Rugged COTS/Plus Systems establish the standards for commercial grade rackmount computer systems. These rackmount systems are designed adverse environments as found in vehicular mount, factory floor or transit case installation. Their short depth allows them to fit virtually all transit cases. The rugged construction of these systems will assure their reliable operation in any tough commercial environment.

1U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS1U Rackmount Chassis

Chassis Plans' 1U rackmount computers are feature rich, well cooled, and perfect for high density rack installations. These chassis are useful for collocation, Internet appliance applications, firewalls, servers, anywhere that high performance is required in minimal rack space. We offer a wide variety of drive combinations that should fit most applications. We have also designed several 1U products specifically to customer requirements. See our Custom Examples

2U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS2U Rackmount Chassis Integrated Industrial Computer

2U rack mount enclosures are ideal for space limited systems which require more plug-in cards than can be offered in a 1U space. The E1Chassis is our best seller offering a good mix of drives in a short chassis and supporting 3 slots. As with all Chassis Plans chassis products, the E1Chassis easily lends itself to customization and several flavors have been produced for a variety of customers.

3U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS3U Rugged 1U Rackmount Chassis

3U rackmount computer systems offer a full 7 slots versus the limited number of slots in 2U systems. Feature rich and as well built as our 4U systems. Some of these 3U rackmount chassis offer an incredible amount of drive storage in a 3U enclosure. The D-Series chassis are somewhat odd in their size, but for 4U performance in a 3U package, nothing beats them.

4U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS4U Rackmount Computer Chassis Ruggedized Industrial Computer

Chassis Plans offers the next generation of 4U rackmount computer enclosure. These enclosures will accommodate ATX motherboards, EATX motherboards, or 14- to 20-slot passive backplanes. Generous drive combinations are offered including an incredible 5 internal 3-1/2" hard drives for a low cost raid configuration. Various fan and power supply options including redundant and DC powered are on offer. Several custom options are available.

Enhanced COTS/Plus and rugged Military Grade versions are also available.

5U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS5U Industrial Rackmount Chassis

Chassis Plans' unique 5U enclosures have a removable drawer for easy access to your motherboard or passive backplane. A thermal management card is installed along with removable air filter and four hot-swap 91mm ball bearing Fans. Several power supply options are available including redundant and DC powered.

6U RACKMOUNT CHASSIS6U Rugged Rackmount Chassis

Chassis Plans 6U chassis are intended for drive intensive applications. These chassis will support high power full sized redundant power supplies required to run this many drives. The A-Series chassis are perfect for data farms or servers.

Chassis Plans excels in solving customer problems! We offer an extensive background in custom chassis definition and manufacture. If our off-the-shelf solutions don't satisfy your requirements, or if you need simple modifications to our standard products, including custom paint or logo, please call one of our Sales Engineers at 858-571-4330 or email to discuss your requirement. Please see our Custom Examples for a small sampling of our previous work.

Configured Systems are our Specialty

Chassis Plans is more than just a chassis supplier. Our core enterprise is providing our customers with fully-integrated, turnkey systems tailor-fit to their specifications. We are well-versed in multi-vendor integration, and offer an extensive product lineup which includes the latest long life industrial motherboards, drives, video boards, various plug-in and expansion cards (including analog/digital I/O cards).

Integrating today’s complex systems can be a challenging task, but we at Chassis Plans are more than willing to step forward and accomplish it. Each system we build is exhaustively tested and burned-in to make sure that the hardware and the operating system/s work together flawlessly. We stand by our workmanship 110%.

Let us work together to conceptualize and build fully-integrated systems for your needs. Get in touch with us today