Chassis Plans

Custom Rackmount Computers


Chassis Plans' design philosophy is to provide ruggedly engineered, cost-effective, and highly customized industrial and military grade computers - all at a competitive price. Seeking a turnkey solution for your custom industrial rack mount system? Chassis Plans efficiently collaborates with clients to design the highest quality computing systems with no unnecessary expense. Chassis Plans has provided custom solutions to a wide variety of industrial and military customers since 1985. With an extensive database of off the shelf designs to draw upon, you’ll be able to create a system that meets your application and environmental requirements. See our Design Wins Showcase page for examples of these designs.

Our engineering staff boasts unmatched experience and practical knowledge. Our group can provide conceptual studies and drawings in as little as one day, and complex custom built hardware in as little as four weeks. Chassis Plans - Systems Engineered to Perform®

Custom System Definition Process
Engineering Process ImprovementIt starts with our Sales Engineers. Our engineering professionals are your first contact and will work closely with you to design a system that seamlessly meets your application and environmental requirements.  Our engineers work with a dedicated Field Application Engineer (FAE), as well as the Engineering Department, to structure the basic design concept. The assigned engineer will create a system drawing showing size and component layout, system features, cooling management, shock and vibration management, etc. This concept will be modified based on client feedback - until you are 100% satisfied your design requirements are met.

Modify COTS or From Scratch?
Customer Rackmount ComputerChassis Plans has a massive selection of standard products that can serve as the basis for a customer-specific design. By utilizing off the shelf hardware, coupled with application-specific modifications, a client can realize significant cost savings and quicker deployment time. Modifications can include something as simple as custom paint and/or logos or front panel modifications for product identification or function implementation. Rear panel modifications are available to accommodate specific I/O cards, connectors, or a doghouse for an all-circular mil connector interface. Virtually any component in a standard product is eligible for modification.

Custom Rackmount SystemSometimes, an application mandates a custom solution. Chassis Plans’ team of engineers can help you to define these custom requirement and bring the design to fruition. The Chassis Plans team has been responsible for more custom industrial computer systems and enclosures than anybody else in the field. Our CUSTOM DESIGN WINS page is a terrific place to start looking for inspiration for your next design.

Engineering Department & Tools
Tools are only as good as the craftsmen using them – and Chassis Plans offers you the best rack mount industrial computer engineering staff in the business. This engineering team offers a wide variety of skills and includes a seasoned designer with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Another team member has 15 years experience working in the sheet metal industry, building chassis. Two of our team members are our original Industrial Computer Source engineers who have been involved in chassis and system design since 1985. These engineers, an MSEE and an FAE, have extensive tenure in the LCD and military markets.

SolidworksCurrent programs in the toolbox include: AutoCAD, Solidworks Premium 3D CAD with Cosmos Works Simulation Software (thermal, flow, mechanical, dynamic analysis) and Orcad & PADS for board layout. Also, an in-house temperature chamber (-70 to 100 Deg C), captured shake table, and close relationships with agency and environmental testing houses ensure a full assortment of design and engineering tools. The Chassis Plans team routinely designs custom systems that work hard and deliver reliable performance every time.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Engineering Quality
ISO9001:2008 CertifiedChassis Plans is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards, indicating that engineering documentation and management standards meet the rigorous industry requirements of the ISO Certifying body. Full revision control, and traceability for all engineered components and manufactured systems, assures viable long-term support. System repair and maintenance is made simple, as our engineers are able to reference exactly which components were used with each system. Manufacturing replacement components is a simple part of the after-delivery support. If a client requests additional systems with the same specifications, Chassis Plans is able to manufacture identical units at a later date due to the strict adherence to system standardization.

Integration Documentation
Rackmount Computer Integration DocumentationThe hallmark of any professional integration department is shipment-to-shipment consistency. Chassis Plans utilizes extensive system integration documentation to ensure that all systems in a production run are identical to the first. There is no 'tribal knowledge' involved in how a system is assembled and it does not matter which Integration Technician is assigned to any particular project. The provided documentation includes: text and photographic instructions, component placement, wiring schematics, component specifications, software information and BIOS details. You are invited to download a typical Integration Document (3.2M PDF) for review.