Storage Systems

Designed and Built in the USA

For added flexibility and capacity, the M2U20xx 2U military grade rackmount system is available as a fully configured off the shelf option. End users may select from five high-performance motherboards – each offering an assortment of chipsets, slot options, and other necessary features. Select models accommodate three horizontally mounted plug-in cards with a riser board, or seven vertically mounted, low-profile plug in cards.

All critical components to this military grade computer system are of the highest quality and have been vetted through rigorous testing procedures. They are designed to outlast and outperform lesser models and will perform reliably for years. All processors and chipsets have been certified by the Intel roadmap to assure multi-year availability. To ensure consistent and safe operation, five high-flow cooling fans are utilized and are controlled by Chassis Plans’ proprietary SysCool® Intelligent Fan Controller.

  • 2U x 20.0-inches Chassis
  • Extended-life Motherboard Options with Long Life Processors
  • Core-i5/i7 Options
  • XEON E5, single and dual options, 6/8 Cores
  • Three Horizontal or Seven Vertical Plug-in Card Slots
  • Up to Four 2-1/2″ Drives, Fixed or Removable, Slim DVD and One Floppy Drive Bay
  • Single or Redundant Power Supply
  • Custom Features
    If these specifications don’t meet your requirements please contact our Sales Engineers at + 1 800.787.4913 or Chassis Plans excels at custom system design and can provide a solution that exactly meets your application requirements.




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