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Transit Case and Rack System Integration


Transit Case Integration

Transit Case Integration of high quality rugged rackmount computer systems!

Chassis Plans is a recognized leader in integrated transit case systems, configured rack systems, and configured turnkey integrated industrial rack mount computer systems. We offer the engineering expertise and program management capabilities to assure a high quality and low risk system solution.

Integrating Racks and Transit Systems

Transit Case IntegrationProperly integrating racks and transit cases is a difficult and time consuming task. Chassis Plans can lower your total system cost by providing your organization with a rack mount transit case system configuration service. You will receive professionally engineered and integrated systems - instead of boxes of disparate parts from multiple vendors. We accept system responsibility for 3rd party components such as UPS's, network switches, power distribution, environmental systems, etc. Chassis Plans will work with you from the specification stage, to configuration, all the way to post delivery technical support. One single purchase order instead of a dozen or more! Our goal is to offer a means to streamline your rack mount transit case system requirements.

Integrated Rack SystemsChassis Plans offers a broad line of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) rack mount enclosures and Long-Life Industrial Motherboards or Single Board Computer systems. By maintaining an integrated working relationship with rack, transit case, accessory, drive, video and I/O adapter manufacturers, our experienced Sales Engineers can design an industrial computer system custom tailored to your unique application requirements.

Unparalleled attention to detail, legendary custom system design experience, strict revision control, and material obsolescence management means trouble free program management for long life platform stability and product support. Chassis Plans systems are engineered to perform!

Chassis Plans Offers

  • no altEight Computer Video Wall System.
    One of two connected systems.
  • Clarify the application and environment
  • Select an enclosure product
  • Define:
           Processing needs
           Memory requirement
           I/O requirements
  • Select the appropriate motherboard or Single Board Computer / Backplane
  • Select the right power supply
  • Select appropriate drives
  • Define and select other I/O (video, communications, analog/digital, etc)
  • Specify operating system and application software
  • Define environmental and safety certifications
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • All System Features Including Breakout Panels, Cabling, Shelves, UPS's
  • Partnered With Several Case Manufacturers
  • Integration & Management of 3rd Party or Customer Supplied Equipment and Software
  • Primary Customer Support for all 3rd Party Hardware & Software
  • Cooling Optimized Solutions
  • Feature Rich Designs
  • Multiple Case Options per Application Requirements
  • Multiple Power Supply Options
  • American Company
  • Systems Engineered to Perform

Configured Rackmount ComputerEach client's application is unique in specification and intended use. This is why we build systems custom tailored to eachclient’s individual needs. Chassis Plans does not publish a list of pre-configured systems, motherboards, etc., on the website.Highly experienced technicians, working in an ESD free environment, guarantee that our systems will work out of the box and provide trouble free operation for years. Today's systems are highly complex and can suffer from potential component incompatibilities, drive, raid, and cooling and power issues. Chassis Plans specializes in integrating complicated systems and has a proven track record of delivering and supporting high performance and reliable machines.

System Definition -Our experienced Sales Engineers work closely with the client to help define the desired system based on required functionality, cost, form factor, and performance. An intimate knowledge of the industrial computer market allows our Sales Engineering Team to narrow down the product selection to a system definition that will surpass customer expectations.

Component Selection - Chassis Plans offers a wide variety of proprietary products and also sources top quality components from trusted outside sources. Our Sales Engineers understand the complexities of integrating components from multiple sources and are experts at engineering systems that utilize an optimal mix of in house and third party components.

ESD ProtectionCustom Products -often, an off-the-shelf product cannot fully satisfy customer requirements. Chassis Plans has extensive experience in Custom product design and manufacturing - including rack mount products like rack mount chassis, LCD displays and keyboards, single board computers, backplanes, and analog and digital I/O cards.

Procurement and Stocking - Chassis Plans sources, purchases, receives, inspects, and stocks a massive inventory of required third party components. In addition, we can receive and segregate customer supplied material.

Static Control Program - Chassis Plans has implemented a comprehensive static control program to help guard against component ESD Protectiondamage. All company employees undergo training in the control and prevention of static damage. The floor in the integration area is painted with Desco Statguard conductive paint and is regularly maintained with Statguard Dissipative Floor Finish. The Integration Department work areas are delineated by floor tape and hanging signs. All work benches are metal and connected to an earth ground. The work surfaces are ESD conductive material grounded to the benches. Any worker entering the integration area must wear a blue conductive smock. Anybody working on any system is plugged into the bench ground. Smocks and ground straps are checked twice per day for integrity and effectiveness. The entire system, including floor impedance standards, is regularly verified by a third party to ensure compliance with established antistatic standards. All components remain in factory packaging in the inventory area and are never unpacked or handled except at an approved antistatic station. Carts in the integration area are equipped with drag chains and all surfaces are conductive and grounded.

Integration - Our highly experienced Integration Team, working from a computer generated work order system, assembles specified components into reliable systems. Component placement is per the System Definition Folder that travels with each order. Plug-in boards are placed for optimum system operation, cooling, and cable routing. Specific processor heat sinks are selected to ensure the lowest core processor temperatures. Cables are nicely finished, both to protect the components and to minimize any impact on cooling flow. As required, additional cable and connector retention can be applied for high vibration environments. The required operating system is installed, configured and optimized, and system specific drivers are installed and updated.

Chassis Plans Integration DocumentIntegration Documentation - The hallmark of a professional integration department is shipment-to-shipment consistency. Chassis Plans utilizes extensive system integration documentation to ensure all systems in a production run are identical. The documentation includes both text and photographic instructions, component placement, wiring, component issues, software issues and BIOS details. You are invited to download a typical Integration Document (3.2M PDF) for review.

System Test - Each system is burned in and tested using Microscope 2000 and PC Doctor Factory test software to ensure full system functionality. Board specific test software is used as required. Test results, along with serial numbers, are recorded and documented for full traceability. Extended burn-in is available per customer specification. Thermal cycling and extended high temperature burn-in is available as required for specific military contracts. Additional testing including mil spec, shock and vibration, heat, cold, humidity, dust, etc., is available on request.

Agency CertificationsShipping - All orders are checked for completeness and packaged in high quality boxes, using product specific foam for the ultimate in protection. As specified or required, shipments can be palletized for additional protection and ease of transport. We can use any shipping carrier or freight service as specified by the customer.

Agency Certifications - As required, Chassis Plans can provide complete system certification services for national and international emissions, safety standards, shock, vibration, and environmental standards including, but not limited to:

  • Safety: UL 1950 / CSA C22.2-950 / IEC 60950 / EN 60950
  • Emissions: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, ICES-003 (Canada), EN 55022 / CISPR 22, EN 61000-3-2 - Harmonics, EN 61000-3-3 - Flicker
  • Immunity: EN 55024 / CISPR 24, IEC 61000-4-2 - ESD, IEC 61000-4-3 - Radiated RF, IEC 61000-4-4 - EFT, IEC 61000-4-5 - Surge, IEC 61000-4-6 - RF Conducted, IEC 61000-4-11 -Voltage dips, interrupts & variations
  • NEBS: Levels 1, 2 or 3
  • Certification Marks: UL, C-UL, CE, and NEBS.
  • Mil-spec including 810E (environmental), 901 (shock) and 167 (vibration)