Chassis Plans

Transit Case and Rack System Integration


Chassis Plans offers a broad array of wall mount computer systems and wall mount industrial computer chassis. More than simply a rack mount computer rebuilt to hang on a wall – these units are fresh designs, tailored to meet the requirements for an environment not conducive to a standard office computer. The W5Chassis wall mount computer system is ideally suited for use in situations demanding a tough computer system that requires minimal maintenance. It offers a tamperproof, locking door design that thrives in challenging situations.

W03 Wallmount Chassis Shock Mounted + Single Side Access

W03 Industrial Computer

  • Wall mount or bulk head mount
  • Shock mounted enclosure
  • Front side access on all I/O, drives & power
  • EATX motherboard
  • One internal 3-1/2" hard drive
  • One external 5-1/4" bay
  • One external floppy

W5Chassis Wallmount or Bulkhead Mount
EATX Motherboard Or Passive Backplane

Wall Mount Computer

  • True wall mount enclosure
  • Models for EATX motherboard (12x13") or Passive Backplane
  • Models w/ door mounted LCD displays w/ touch screens
  • Two internal 3-1/2" hard drives
  • One internal 5-1/4" drive tray
  • Includes slim floppy/CD adapter bracket
  • Filtered cooling - bottom to top
  • Locking door & I/O cover
  • Detachable Wall Mounting Bracket for easy installation