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Why is high performance computing critical?

A new whitepaper, which explains what High Performance Computing is, and why it is critical for many defense, military and industrial applications, has been created and posted by Chassis Plans. High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced software application programs more efficiently and faster.

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Rapid Prototyping — Ruggedization Design for Military and Industrial Applications

Over the years, some aspects of designing rugged computers using COTS components have remained the same, while other areas have greatly changed. Here’s the latest on design and manufacturing of ruggedized systems for harsh environment applications, including shock and vibration, temperature, protection from dirt and dust, and EMI/RFI shielding

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Rugged computer for ground, vehicle, shipboard, and aircraft uses introduced by Chassis Plans

The HPC M5U-22 is based on a ruggedized 5U enclosure with operating specs that include altitudes to 12,000 feet, temperatures of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, 5 to 95 percent noncondensing humidity, and resistance to vibration and shock. This system also offers a high-power redundant power supply and RAID options for additional hard drive redundancy.

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